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Dov Epstein   Service Record    
Dov Epstein
GREG-SMITH-(Dov Epstein )-Rookie-Blue

Dov Epstein, The Thrill-Seeker

Full Name: Dov Ezekiel Epstein
Gender: Male   Male
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police Service
Rank: Police Constable
DivisionEpaulette No.
Portrayed by:Gregory Smith
 ● First Appearance: Fresh Paint

He is dating Chloe

Dov grew up idolizing "Starsky & Hutch" and has always wanted to drive fast cars and fire guns. A die-hard adrenaline junkie, his no-fear attitude stems from being raised on a steady diet of peace and love by his hippie parents.

Back Story Edit

Dov Epstein, 15 Division’s live-wire rookie, has an exuberant approach to policing that often gets him into hot water…but it also gets results. Dov's psyched to be a cop, having spent years as a sickly kid, glued to Starsky & Hutch under the disapproving eye of hippie parents. And now he feels like a player—although the ladies might disagree. But after riding shotgun with sceptical training officer Oliver Shaw, Dov's going to start to see that there's more to policing than bad guys and gunplay. And he just might find a way to prove that beneath his wise-cracking exterior beats the heart of a serious police officer, ready to serve and protect.

We also learn early in Season 2 that Dov had an older brother who passed away from committing suicide approximately four years before the start of Season 2. His best friend and roommate Chris Diaz reveals this information to Gail Peck after she overhears Dov talking with one of his brother's old friends, and it is implied that he doesn't talk about the incident with many people.

In season four he becomes romantically involved with Officer Frank Best's goddaughter, Chloe Price. They're on and off again for the first half of the season. Dov and her are perfect for each other, they're both crazy and happy when they're together. At the end of season four he finds out that she's married and he's devastated. In the beginning of season five however, she chooses him over her husband.


  • Confident. He's been preparing for this job since he was eight years old.
  • Savvy. Always sees the angles.
  • Sense of humor. Gets him out of trouble.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Cocky. He's just starting to realize what this job entails.
  • Impulsive. Always plays the odds.
  • Smartass. Gets him in trouble

Dov's Secret Edit

  • An asthma inhaler in his pocket.
  • He's actually 28 in real life.
  • He wants to join ETF
  • His brother commited suicide.

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